2016 winter semester Flying Robot Project 9th Team BDecember 21, 2016


Last week we discussed the aileron linkage but we did not have enough time and we decided to fly our plane without aileron. This week we managed to make our plane and we made the first flight. Our plane left the ground so we confirmed our plane could actually fly. But our plane tended to turn left and it seemed to be due to adhesion of the main landing gear so we fixed the problem. After the first flight the leading edge was damaged and we fixed it too.
Our plane flew without electronic board. The wing area of our plane is small so we were worried if it flew but it was needles fear. Our plane would be heavier with electronic board but by increasing velocity it could fly without changing the design.
Now we are facing the problem of aileron linkage. The tension of yarn is so strong that the wing could be twisted and cut balsa. Before fixing the yarn we have to reinforce parts where the yarn hits. During winter vacation we are planning to check the electronic circle and next year we want to fly our plane for the second time.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Hidekazu Karino