2023 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 1December 06, 2023


This is the Flying Robot Project (2023A Semester) Team A. We would like to share the progress report of Team A.
In Team A, we are working on the production of an airplane that, while relatively conventional, possesses several distinctive features. Specifically,

- Adoption of tapered wings
- Setting of a two-stage dihedral angle
- A large size with a wingspan of 3m

These are highlighted as specific characteristics. Especially, the challenge of creating a wingspan of 3m adds an extra layer of difficulty to the production process. Although the work has not yet begun...

The main stages of airplane production are as follows:

- Main Wing
- Horizontal Tail Wing
- Vertical Tail Wing
- Fuselage
- Installation of components related to control

Today, the drawing of the ribs for the main wing has finally been completed, and the production of the main wing has begun. From here on, let's continue to work together and advance the project. Thank you for your continued support.