2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 9June 26, 2019


This week, we assembled the main wing. We connected the wings that we finished last week with some "X" shaped structures. In that process, there must have been some misalignment and when we glued the center "X" structure with the upper wing, there was a twist in the yaw axis. In addition to that, the ailerons were heavier than we first thought it would be because of the trouble we had gluing the ailerons. It seems that those problems were solved after attaching the "X" shaped structure to the sides. Though we are planning to make the ailerons lighter by removing a part of them. We talked about how to move the ailerons with only one servo but we did not come to a concrete solution.
We also attached the horizontal and vertical stabilizers to the center rod which is the most important structure of the aircraft. The rod seemed to be slightly curved but we judged the curve was not too intense to affect the flight so we went on after adjusting the stabilizers a little. I temporarily put the servo mounts I made last week on to the rods and connected the elevator and the rudder with the servos using some strings. I had a feeling that I will have a huge problem next week adjusting the length of the strings.
Next week, we will have to mount the main wings to the rod, work on the control lines, attach the landing gear, do some electrical wirings and attach the propeller. I suppose these tasks can be completed next week if things go smoothly. I am in charge of the wirings so I will be busy next week. We are looking forward to seeing our biplane flying.