2021 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 3December 15, 2021


This week, we worked on the vertical tail wing, horizontal tail wing, fuselage, and main wing in parallel.
First, we completed the framework of the vertical tail fin. Since the rudder had been fixed by mistake in the previous build and was stuck, the joint was cut off.
Next, we started on the horizontal tail fin. After filing and shaping the parts that had protruded during the joining process, we attached the elevator to the front part of the horizontal tail fin. The elevator was then attached to the front part of the horizontal fin by passing a wooden stick through several holes in the elevator and the front part of the horizontal fin. At this time, the elevator was stuck because the holes on the elevator side were too small. So we filed the holes on the elevator and made them larger so that the elevator could move freely. Then, once the framework was completed, we started applying the film.
The next step was to cut out the carbon pipes. One carbon pipe was used for the fuselage, and four for the main wings (left, right, top and bottom) because we are building a biplane. After that, we filed the cut surface to make it smooth for safety reasons.
In addition, the electronic components were soldered. After that, the joints were covered with rubber so that they would not be exposed, and the heat shrinkage was used to adhere them.
Finally, a stand for assembling the main wings was cut out using a laser printer. By using this stand, it is possible to assemble the wing with the designed angle of incidence.