To the 12th Indoor Flying Robot Contest_ team Alpha 1stJuly 23, 2016


This week, we made the second prototype. We changed the main wing completely. The features of the new wing are as follows. Firstly, we tapered the length of the wing. This is because we wanted to reduce the power that was imposed on the end of the wing. Secondly, we reduced the aspect ratio than the first one. Thirdly, the second main wing didn’t load the aileron. This is because the first main wing’s aileron didn’t work and also aileron has much weight. Fourthly, we attached carbon sheet to the balsas of main wing. Carbon added much strength to the wing.
The only change which we made to the tale wing was to increase the area of the rudder. In the end, this change influenced the result a lot.
With all these changes, we conducted another test flight. Let me explain the result in comparison to the first airplane.
Our second plane turned more easily. This is probably realized by introducing carbon sheets and increasing the area of the rudder. And more, the plane glided for longer time than the first one.
However, not all things went well. The least speed which the plane needed to fly was more than the speed of the first. This fact makes it more difficult that we control it. Of course, this was expected in advance because we reduced the area of the main wing. Also, the plane was good at turning to the right but it was poor at turning to the left. This tendency sometimes worries the pilot. But we will be able to conquer this by improving the quality of the wing and developing the pilot’s skills.

Masaya Ido
College of Sciences and Arts