2017 winter semester Flying Robot Project 8th Team ADecember 13, 2017


Up to now, main components of the aircraft are almost finished. Today, each member engaged in different work. I calculated the center of gravity of the aircraft and cut down carbon pipe for the body. Also, the elevator was attached with thread to the horizontal stabilizer, which was then fixed to the rear of the body. At the same time, some members were making parts with balsa to equip control devices on the plane, and the other were working on the decoration of the wing. As for the wing, we also scattered water to it in order to make it shrink and tense up after we finished attaching all the surface paper. Finally, we tried to attach the ailerons to the wing. Then it turned out that the span of one side of the wing was 1cm longer than that of the aileron! Probably it does not matter much to the flight, but it is a pity that appearance has got a bit worse. Next week, we are going to attach the vertical stabilizer and other remaining components. It will not be long before we complete the plane! 今までに主な飛行機の部品は大方完成した。今日はメンバーがそれぞれ別の作業をした。私は飛行機の重心を計算し、胴体に使用するカーボンパイプを切り出した。そしてエレベーターを水平尾翼に取り付け、それをさらに胴体の端に取り付けた。同時に、あるメンバーは制御機器を機体に付けるための部品をバルサ材で作り、別のメンバーは主翼の装飾に取り掛かっていた。主翼に関しては表面の紙を全て貼り終えたあと、それを収縮させてぴんと張るようにするために水をかけた。最後に私たちはエルロンを主翼に取り付けようとした。その時、主翼の片方の長さがエルロンの長さよりも1cmも長いことが判った。おそらく飛行にはあまり問題ないだろうが、見た目が少し悪くなってしまったのが残念だ。来週は垂直尾翼や他の残りの部品を取り付ける予定だ。私たちが飛行機を完成させるのもそう先ではないだろう!