2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 9th Team AJune 07, 2016


This week, we had planned to start crafting the main wing. However, one of the team members who have the CAD file of parts for the laser cutter was accidentally absent, so we decided to work on the tail in the class time. We first finished crafting the frames of the horizontal tail, the vertical tail, the rudder, and the elevator. Then we discussed the color of the paper used to cover the wings, and decided to use deep blue and yellow paper. Next, we stuck the paper on the frames of the tails. Also, we made a tail skid with balsa wood and a body with carbon pipe.
At first, we were shocked to hear that an important member was missing that day, but luckily, we had other works in which we did not require using the laser cutter. Therefore, we did not waste our limited time to work on this project from such a sudden accident.
However, forgetting the schedule was not good in general, so we are going to check the schedule more frequently from now on. Also, although we have only one more month until the first test flight, we have only completed the tail now. We need to speed up the work to meet the deadline.

Toshiya Maki
2nd year sophomore student
University of Tokyo, College of Arts and Sciences (Science 1 course)

眞木 俊弥