2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 11th Team DJune 22, 2016


Outline of this week’s activity is that we completed to make a main wing and set about making wheels and roughing out the position of the center of gravity of the aircraft.
First, at the stage of making the main wing, we lengthened some ribs, whose length is 25% long of chord line, as long as full length of each chord line because TAs pointed out that the main wing has too few ribs to withstand some bending and torsional stress. So, we designed the rib and cut them out again, then we accomplished made the framework and put paper on it. That is, we completed to make all wings (main wing and rear wing).
Second, we set about making parts that can mount wings on the body however, we failed to cut them out by laser cutter machine. Making wheels and calculation of center of gravity are on the way. These two things are going well so far.
The noteworthy achievement of this week’s activity is that we have completed to make all wings. This means that we may able to finalize our model plane by first flight. We also strengthen the main wing by altering some ribs.
Things that we have to do from now are to settle the problem that we can’t cut out some parts by laser cutter machine and to roughly estimate the center of the center of gravity to mount the main wing at proper position.

Hiroki Aohama
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics