2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 5th Team FMay 11, 2016


In last two weeks, we made 3d model of our flying robot and discussed the detail structure. Our flying robot’s aerodynamic design was done by vortex lattice methods (aerodynamic analysis) and particle swarm optimization. Then obtained design was converted to 3d model with detail structure.
We are making flight simulation to discuss the control law and practice how to control the robots. And avionics we use for auto pilot and auto landing are discussed and produced experimentally.
Because we made all of drawings for jig tools, we can start to make our flying robot in this week. First, jig tool must be made. Simultaneously, we will start detail calculations of avionics for auto landing. And we must buy many parts to make. We bought IR emitting LEDs and ordered 3d print parts.

 3d models of our flying robot.
 Flight simulations built in unity
 Drawings for jig tools.
 Requirements of IR induction auto landing system
 Determination of controller chip we use

Naoto Morita
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
 機体の三次元モデル
 Unityでのフライトシミュレーションの作成
 ジグのための図面
 赤外線自動着陸装置への要求の策定
 使用するマイコンの決定