2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 3May 22, 2019


Today, we continued soldering of connectors and the design of the drone body. The connector was made from one cord from the battery to four cords connected to four ESC. So, we made this type of cord and soldered the connector to each of the end. About two connections which we have to solder was left, so we would like to do them in next week. When soldering them, the heat shrinking tube shrinks due to the heat of the solder, so we had to reconnect them.
Another thing we soldered is the part that connects the ESC and the motor. When soldering this part, we had to care about the direction of the connection. This is because, the motor in the diagonal position must turn in the same direction and the adjacent motor must turn in a different direction to balance the drone. So, 2 out of 4 connector’s GRD and the power supply cord should be changed when we connect to the ESC and motor.
We thought the design of the drone part by reference to the previous hybrid airplane. The main framework is to be made of a thin and strong pole, and the motor connected part is to be made of plywood which is designed by CAD(computer-aided design ) and processed by the laser cutter. We made the design using CAD and selected the framework body, so we want to try creating the body of our drone.
In next week, we would like to start cutting out which is designed by CAD , and start making the drone body part. In addition, we should solder of the remaining connector for connecting the battery and ESC. We also want to test if the motor works properly if we have time after soldering.