2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 3rd Team BApril 27, 2016


[Summary of a weekly work]
 This week, we decided various elements about our airplane, and we created a 3-view drawing by using 3D-CAD. Our concept is to create an airplane like ZERO fighter. So, we made a goal which our airplane should have high gliding and high turning performance. Considering that things, our airplane should have large rudder, and large wing area. Under that conditions, we decided various information about our airplane.


We divided the roles with the members. We made our best efforts about our own task. Our team regards everyone making a best performance as important. Making a best performance motivates our members
to create a better airplane.
We might lost sight of overall perspectives because the members concentrated on only their own tasks. We should have two perspectives; one is to see something as a part, the other is to see something as a whole.

Tomohei Taniguchi
College of Arts and Sciences, Science 1, Sophomore