2023 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 5January 10, 2024


This week, Group D continuously proceeded with both the software and the body of the multicopter.
As for the making of its body, we already connected the upper half and the bottom half of the multicopter the previous time. Thus, we made some preparations to attach propellers for horizontal movement in the empty space between the upper and the bottom halves. First, we attached three carbon tubes in a diagonal direction as reinforcing material and glued them. Then, we cut 5cm-square wood slabs and tightened motors with screws. We could not attach propellers to the motors, so we will do it next week. Also, we were going to attach a 297mm×184mm-wood slab diagonally and attach motors to it, but we have to review its size. This is because there is a concern about a big air resistance if such a big part exists vertically to the direction the multicopter moves.
As for software, we made great progress including lighting the LED. We are almost done with the LED when we decide where to put it. We are still thinking about how to communicate with the multicopter. We are still wondering if we should use Wi-Fi or other means of transmitting signals.