2023 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 6June 28, 2023


This week, the group continued to work on the main wings and stabilisers as per usual. The members in charge of the main wings focused on creating the ailerons, while the rest of the team applied some finishing touches to the horizontal and vertical stabilisers. The manufacturing process of the ailerons were very similar to that of the main wings, whereby laser-cut aerofoils were superglued to a thin sheet of balsa wood at predetermined intervals, and a stick of balsa wood was glued along the leading edge of the aileron for added structural support. As no hinges were made for the ailerons, it was decided that they would either be taped or sewn onto the main wings.

Last week, significant weaknesses had been identified in the central support structures that connect the main wings to the fuselage, which could lead to catastrophic mechanical failure. To address this issue, the team brainstormed several options to improve the structural stability and durability of the aircraft, such as using suspension cables for extra support, making the central supports out of stronger material and improving the overall structural design of the supports, among others. The team had ultimately opted for improving the design and material quality of the central support structures.

Additional design flaws in the ailerons and stabilisers were pointed out by faculty and TAs, which the team decided to address at a later stage as most of the fixes could be retrofitted relatively easily. Some of the members decided to meetup again later in the week to finish off assembling the ailerons and to cut out the redesigned central support structures.

Work on the wheels, the battery and servo motor holders, and wiring will commence next week. The team is hoping to have most of the work done by the first flight test.