2018 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 1December 12, 2018


Design Concept
 Our team decided to create a machine which flies by its wings flapping like a bird because we wanted to challenge unusual creative project. We had to understand how birds fly, so watched many videos showing flying birds or flapping machines on YouTube. They suggested that flapping wings give thrust instead of lift. We also read some blogs about a flapping machine. Pioneers in the development of hand-made flapping machines have high skills and expensive machines for processing and production while we didn’t have them, so we set up an aim to design a flapping machine that we could make even with our own skills and tools. Although a typical aircraft in the Flying Robot Project flies with thrust of a propeller driven by a brushless motor, our flapping machine would convert the fast rotation of its motor into a high torque with many gears, change the rotation with the torque into a reciprocating motion and fly with flapping by the motion. We needed to design not only features and structure of ordinary aircrafts but also “system for flapping” such as flapping wing structure, gears and a box that supports them in wing-body junction. We had established the design concept as above by the week. The next week we needed to design what the structure of the flapping wings were.

Tohmu Yoshida

吉田 透夢