Student Report 3 [Urawa High School] March 27, 2014


 In this Boeing Higher Education Project, I learned mainly two things.
First, I found it through the lectures by Mr.Chibana and the excursion to Ara kawa River that various kinds of learnings are closely connected each other. For example, about rivers, to understand and apply the laws of physics makes it easy to expect the current of rivers and improve the safety of infrastructure. So I thought we needed to get a broad knowledge of various subjects. Besides, in order to solve problems at hand, we should not only expand our knowledge but develop our ability to think comprehensively. I will make efforts so that I can learn to see things comprehensively.
 Second, I found out the fun of discussion by experiencing it. In the Project, we discussed whether Yamba Dam should be built or not, and our group stood on the ground to oppose the construction of it. While discussing, I came into contract with a lot of diverse opinions. Then I found it difficult to make our consensus and object to various opinions based on the opposite ground. To be sure they were difficult, I was able to enjoy them. Even if the ways of thinking are different from person to person, it was possible for us to understand others, and I was pleased to have my opinion heard by others.
 In this project, I learned so many things other than these two things. I could spend quality time. I am grateful to all the people for arrangement of this opportunity. I will attend opportunities like this actively from now on.

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