Student Report 2 [Urawa High School] March 27, 2014


 This report is about my opinion through Boeing program on March 11. This topic is about rivers. What do you think about rivers? I guess you come up a lot of things. Before I got this lecture, I thought problems of rivers were related to only nature around it. However, actually, more things are related. I’ll explain it.
Japan has a lot of rivers and mountain and Japanese have lived on the benefits. The landform in Japan is specific; owing to many steep slopes, the current of river is more rapid than those in the other countries. In addition, it often rains and sometimes unexpected torrential rain happens. These things cause serious accidents harmful to people. For example, in 1999, 18 people were washed away by the rapid current and 13 in 18 drowned in Kurokura River. The cause was unexpected torrential rain. So, we, people in Japan should face and solve these problems.
 In this program, especially, we focused on “Yanba Dam” problems and discussed the solution. Do you know this? If you don’t, please check once on the website. The construction of Yanba Dam has both profitable and non-profitable aspects. The good points is the control of river( we could adjust amount of water, in other words, we don’t have to suffer from lack of water, floods and so on). In the other hands, the bad point is destruction( of nature around there, place of residence, ecosystem). Through enthusiastic discussion of this problem, unique idea was come up. I’ll introduce a especially unique opinion of them. First is disagreement of construction and that in the future we would control the climate, so we should cost money to develop science priority. I felt this idea is promising and hope to realize it.
 Lastly, I tell you the most important and valuable learning from this project. As I said at the beginning, the river is related to a lot of knowledge about physics, geography, biology and so on. Even if we learn only one subject thoroughly, we never solve problems.. Recently, the subdivision of knowledge has progressed and that produced people who adapt in only special situations. Most of the social problems in the world cannot be solved by specific knowledge(because if we solve like that, the problems have must been solved)
So, we need wide and flexible insight. This problem taught us the importance of that. Owing to it, I became eager to study a lot of unknown things to me. I really appreciate the stuff supported this program and Boeing company offered funds.
3435 Ryo Miyaki