Student Report 2 [Urawa High School] March 30, 2015


 I had the good fortune to learn a lot about the latest research on information technology and about what students’ life was like in the University of Tokyo. The lectures given in the morning session were mainly about "data analysis", where we were able to learn and experience firsthand what the field of data analysis is by using a tailor-made software. Furthermore, the lectures and the following workshop gave me a chance to think well about the mysterious thing called “data”, which seems all too familiar in our daily lives.
 I can’t write fully about what I experienced in this program, but it is sure that the experience will have extremely positive effects on my future career.
I would like to express my gratitude to the intellectually stimulating lecturers, Associate Professor Yamazaki and Associate Professor Toriumi, and those who prepared this interesting science program.

Takahiro Ono, Urawa High School