Seminar1 [Group discussion about Yamba Dam construction]March 27, 2014


 Before starting this program, some assignments were provided to students for studying about the Yamba Dam construction by using the document that we summarized about the dam construction process.

 High school students were divided into four groups consisted, and two groups are the promotion side and other two are opposition side against the dam construction. We asked them to consider the reason why they agree or disagree with the dam construction. After having explained the point of the argument first, we divided each group into about four small groups, talked about their opinions freely and made them gather up each opinion.

 Finally we prepared the opportunity of the whole discussion in Arakawa river office of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Students presented the opinion as the group of promotion or opposition. Afterward, they discussed freely for each opinion. It was their first experience that they had to discuss on the topic without clear answer. Firstly they needed some time to understand what they should do, but their discussion had become active gradually. Finally, we could not close the whole discussion, because both boys and girls continued to say their opinions. We were impressed by their opinions pointing out the essence of the problem or our overlooking points.

(Assoc Prof. Takeyoshi CHIBANA & Assist Prof. Makiko OBANA)


(准教授 知花武佳,特任助教 尾花まき子(現在 名古屋大学 助教))