Seminar4 [Free talk with Todai students]March 27, 2014


 High school students and undergraduate/graduate students had a free conversation for about 20 minutes in each group of 4 or 5 students. At first, high school students seemed to be a little nervous, but gradually got relaxed, and made a lively discussion about studying, college life, and so on.
  One high school student said he was interested in many academic fields, and asked for advice on how to decide his career path. After he was told that there are many chances in university to come in touch with interdisciplinary studies such as civil engineering, he said he could broaden his horizons.
 Another high school student had a clear vision and talked eagerly about academic fields which she wanted to study in university in future, and we university students couldn’t help admiring her for her enthusiasm. In this way, this event was stimulating for both high school and university students.

(Master course student: Yosuke HASHIGUCHI)


(修士課程二年 橋口遥介)