Future Aircraft_team 3&4_Urawa High schoolSeptember 27, 2013


・Put the upper and lower plates together to form a wing, then you will get
a hollow space between them.

You can place an engine in this space, and turbulence will be prevented
・This airplane's engines are installed between the dual wings. Thanks to
this construction, we can reduce the noise of this airplane.

・Good engines is eco-friendly and gentle.

For example, good mileage, little exhaust CO2,little noise and so on.
The high ratio of turbine to fan find a key to the settlement of matter of
It enable engine to take much air. And engine can get more population power
with little fuel.

・By using biofuel instead of oilfuel,we can prevent global warming.
・Chevron nozzle and micro jet mix around air. It is possible to lower the


‾Materials and Structures‾

if we make a new airplane with a view of materials and structures, we'll
adopt three technology.
As of structures, we have two suggestions First thing is morphing wing. It
is a kind of and the weight is lower than ordinary one. The wings move as if
bird's wings done. So, this enables airplane fly more swiftly.
Second thing is lattice structures. Owing to it, the whole weight of the
airplanes will be reducing.
And, it's necessary that the materials are as light, cheap and strong as
possible. so, our main material is "ADP", a kind of "CFRP".ADP fills all
that requirements.

As a result of these advantages, we can reduce the fuel consumption and the
cost of materials.

‾Flight Mechanics and Control‾
・An auto pilot system that works even if the body is damaged.
・An auto pilot system that is able to land automatically.
・Finding the position of the airplane by using the GPS and barometer.
・Simple interface that is easy to understand.
・Artificial intelligence that helps the pilot more efficient.
・More sensitive control stick which makes the pilot able to fly the
airplane more speedy.