High School/University Joint Program supported by the Boeing Company in 2015 summer Report 3 August 20, 2015


 On August 20, I attended a Todai-Boeing lecture for high school students about contemporary aeronautics. Before the lecture, I had no scientific knowledge about airplanes. I simply liked airplanes.

 After I joined the lecture, I got more interested in airplanes. Now, I want to learn more about airplanes because the lecture was very interesting! Especially the explanation about the engine left a strong impression on me.

 I was wondering why such a big aircraft could fly through the air, or even run on the ground. During the lecture I had a chance to see an experiment of noise control in an anechoic chamber. There, I heard the extraordinarily loud sound of wind that was artificially made by a machine. I was told that the power of the wind there was only one-sixtieth of the power that a real engine generates. I also had a chance to feel a really huge engine. Then, I was finally convinced that such a huge and powerful engine enables an aircraft to run and fly.

 In the afternoon, we were told to do a group project to design a future airplane. Our group had four members. One of the girl students proposed that we design a passenger cabin just like an overnight express train. When I heard her idea, I liked it and I wanted to ride in such a cabin at once.

 The group members cooperated with each other very well to win the first prize in the project. I was very happy. I was also happy to have interacted with students from other schools.

 Later, Mr. Suzuki told us that we had to design an aircraft that many people would want to ride in. I regretted that I was not thoughtful enough to think of other people while working on our project. It is a difficult task to design a good aircraft. I learned to understand that aircrafts fly, carrying the wishes of developers, designers, pilots, cabin attendants, and many more people.

Sachiyo Fujiwara, Omiya High School
 また、午後の『未来の飛行機を設計する』という企画では、他校の人と協力して、学んだことをいかしながら、飛行機を設計しました。私たちの考えた飛行機は、寝台特急のように飛行機で飛ぶこと自体を旅にするというものです。この案は同じ班の他校の人から出ました。私はこの意見を聞いたとき 「こんな飛行機に乗りたい」とすぐに思いました。みんなで協力した結果、乗っていてとても楽しくなるような飛行機ができ、一位を取れました。素直に嬉しかったです。他校の人と交流できたこともすごく良い刺激になりました。

大宮高校 藤原幸代