Future Aircraft_team 9&10_Urawa High schoolSeptember 27, 2013


It is important to use the latest technology and to pursue high speed, but if that plane doesn’t meet the market’s demand, it is just a so-called “useless treasure”. So, we designed an airplane which has what the users want it to do and reflecting the needs of our times.
To be concrete, we designed our plane under this concept: “from town to city”. Only if people could use the airplane easily, we could meet the demand of people to want to travel faster, because planes can travel faster than any other transportation. Thus, our plane has a seating capacity of 40(cf: Figure.1).
From the following four aspects, we considered the way to achieve the above-mentioned things.

―――――Materials and Structures―――――
1, Material of an airplane
CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastics) is mainly used. They are used for the body, part of wings, etc.
Compared with a body of an aircraft made of duralumin, we can achieve a great cut in the weight of the body of an aircraft by using CFRP. However, since it is not the best way to manufacture all the bodies by CFRP in the safety aspect, the junction of wings between the body, etc. are safely considered when using GFRP.

2, Structure of the body
The lattice structure made from CFRP is adopted as the body of our airplane. By this we achieve a great cut of the weight of the body, and we can also realize lower costs than before. Moreover, the body performs integral molding by lattice structure, and it solves the problem of destruction by the rivet part, currently used for semimonocoque structure while it attains the improvement of efficiency of manufacture.
3, Structure of wings
As a form of wing that can be changed their form freely, what is called MORPHING WING is adopted. When a flap is moved up and down, air resistance always occur in the moving portion. On that, since form of wings can be freely changed during a flight if the morphing wings of the corrugated structure are used, morphing wing can reduce air resistance and then the efficiency of the airplane and fuel efficiency would rise.



 Two jet engines are attached to the top surface of the wing in order to reduce the noise to the ground. Two jet engines are enough to fly a short distance. In addition, we use the micro-jet and chevron nozzle in order to reduce the noise to the passenger. Flight distance is short, so there is no problem of the trust of an engine.

 Trailing-edge Vortex is a cause that the air resistance becomes strong.
Winglet can suppress Trailing-edge Vortex, and make the air resistance weak, so this airplane gets good mileage.
 We incorporate the fuselage into wings in order to make wings large, so wings receive strong lift.
Therefore, even if a runway is short, the airplane can take off.

―――――Flight Mechanics and Control―――――
By combining the Ailerons and Elevators, we could remove the horizontal stabilizers. In the cockpit, we show most of the flying information on a Head-Up-Display. So we could replace many other instruments.
→This information is so simple that even the general public can fly the plane.
 Our light plane can respond quickly to our controls.



  Ryosuke Uno
  Yuya Suzuki
  Keita Mizuishi
  Kodai Yasuda
  Oki Maruyama
  Yu Kogure
  Jimpachi Masuda
  Taku Ueyama