High School/University Joint Program supported by the Boeing Company in 2014 summer July 23, 2014


 Today I visited Urawa Daiichi girl’s high school for the High School – University Coordinated Program. This program was aimed to let high school students’ experience making an English presentation in order to develop competent scientist and engineer resources that take part in global world.
 In advance, forming several groups, students from the school and Urawa high school have conducted research about Udon (one kind of noodle in Japan) in various regions and made an English presentation poster about it regarding its origin, recipe and so on. They have also prepared for their oral presentation in English. I and the other invited students, mainly overseas students from The University of Tokyo, listened to their each rehearsal of presentation and told some advice to improve it.
 Before the real presentation, we moved to a kitchen of the school and actually made the Udon with the high school students, communicating by only English. The Udon was very chewy and delicious.
 After the cooking, the high school students performed their presentations. Listening to each presentation, we made some evaluations in order to determine the group which performed the best presentation. Experiencing speaking English during the rehearsal check and the cooking, students seemed to have gained some confidence in the real presentation.
 In the end, overseas students from the university made their English presentations about themselves and their homelands.
 I hope the high school students become more interested in English through this program and succeed globally in the future. I had an enjoyable time talking with the students. Thanks for inviting me today.

Shun Fujioka
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

藤岡 駿