High School/University Joint Program supported by the Boeing Company in 2013 summerSeptember 27, 2013


The University of Tokyo and the Boeing Company have been collaborating to foster “promising scientists and engineers who will lead the world’s future” under the Boeing Higher Education Program. As a part of this program, we held the 1st Aeronautical lecture at Hongo Campus including an internet live lecture with Seattle on the 2nd of August. 48 students from Urawa High school in Saitama Prefecture joined this event. 東京大学は、米国The Boeing Company (以下Boeing社)が世界的に展開する教育プログラムBoeing Higher Education Programのサポートを受け、「世界の将来を担うべき優れた科学者・エンジニア」を育成する事業を共同で実施しています。その一環として、8月2日に、東大本郷キャンパスにおいて、ボーイング社シアトルとのライブ中継を含む、第1回講座を埼玉県立浦和高校(生徒49名参加)と連携して開催しました。


The purpose of this program is mutual education both for high school students and for university students and staff. High school students can learn the relationship between subjects in high school and research and technology in society. University students can reconsider scientific knowledge by explaining research topics to younger students. 本講座の目的は、大学での研究教育、社会での技術開発に触れることで、高校生にとっては、高校での学習と大学および社会との関連性を学ぶことができ、大学生にとっては研究内容を伝えることで知識を再構成し、その意義を考え直す機会になります。


The program started from 8 o’clock in the morning JST, considering the time difference with Boeing in Seattle. Firstly, an engineer of Boeing’s Research and Development Division explained the aircraft industry using internet and answered questions of students by international call. English was used in this session. Secondly, Professor Suzuki from Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics gave a lecture about aircraft technologies from fundamental to advanced topics. After these lectures, students were divided into four groups, i.e., Structure, Aerodynamics, Control, and Propulsion, and visited four laboratories. Each group participated in experiments at each laboratory and collected information for the final task “Designing a Future Aircraft”.
Finally, four teams containing members of each group were constructed and engaged on the final task. Each team presented their idea for a Future Aircraft. There were keen discussions between the teams.
One high school student expressed the impression that “It was a good chance to get a global point of view”, and another student said “I want to enter an aerospace filed”. After the program, high school teachers and university students/staffs exchanged thoughts about the relationship between high school and university education programs.
Based on this program, we would like to expand the High School/University Joint Program to include many more high schools.



3年 岸本 悠佑
3年 富田 諒
2年 橋本 啓伸
2年 瀧 雅也
2年 三浦 良
2年 石川 和樹
1年 大友 優


3年 宇野 凌介
3年 鈴木 佑弥
2年 安田 耕大
2年 丸山 央記
2年 水石 啓太
1年 小暮 悠
1年 増田 甚八