Future Aircraft_team 1&2_Urawa High schoolSeptember 27, 2013


About control:
This airplane has a "Learning Computer." Even if some parts or devices of the airplane malfunction, this "Learning Computer" helps compensate. However, the main purpose of the "Learning Computer" is to pilot an airplane automatically.
The way to train a "Learning Computer" to pilot by itself is by doing a lot of flying experiments in advance. During the experiments, we break some parts of the airplane intentionally and observe the movement of the plane. Then, we make the computer memorize the best way to control the plane in such situations. Maybe it would be able to "learn" by itself in the future.

This airplane has a computer which integrates the date of geomagnetism, atmospheric pressure, GPS, and IMU.
Using this date, this airplane knows its own position exactly.
This is why this aircraft can fly more efficiently than a traditional one.
This aircraft uses elevons instead of ailerons and elevators.

About Structure and Material:
Morphing wing
A morphing is a wing whose shape can be changed while flying.
It can reduce air resistance and aircraft weight.
It is made of CFRP(Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic).
※CFRP is a light and strong material.
The airframe is made of CFRP. We use a lattice structure in the airframe.For these reasons we can reduce the weight of the aircraft and give the strength of the aircraft.
Only the front of the body is made of duralumin ,so that it does not break even if the birds hit it.

About a jet engine:
The theme of the engine for this plane is "a balance of noise prevention and good fuel efficiency."At first,we thought about good fuel efficiency. To achieve this,we should install a high-bypass ratio fan-jet engine,the bigger the better.The material of this engine will be made of a future light weight material.
Next,we thought about noise prevention. We tried using a micro-jet injection nozzle. We reduced the noise by a noticeable degree.

About Aerodynamics:
*About Spiroid Wingtip
Spiroid Wingtip is a doughnut object installed on both sides of the wings. With the spiroid wingtip, we can prevent the Trailing-edge Vortex, which produces air resistance to wings.
*About the form of this airplane
The body of this airplane is in such a form that unifies the fuselage with the wings and removes the tail assembly. By doing this, we can reduce air resistance and we can reduce fuel consumption more than that of normal airplanes.