Future Aircraft_team 7&8_Urawa High schoolSeptember 27, 2013


Concept: For better environment
To complete this concept, we made this plane.
・ Our plane is efficient in consuming fuel.
・ Our plane makes less noise.
・ Our plane emits less gases.
・ Our plane is low in cost.

Please let us introduce our plane to you from four points of view.

1. Aerodynamics…To reduce drag and consume less fuel.
・ The shape of our plane is very SMOOTH.
・ Our plane has RAKED WINGTIPS on its wings.
・ The nose of our plane is STREAMLINE.

2. Material and Structures…Stronger, lighter, and with less defects.
・ Our plane is mostly made from CFRP——Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic.
・ Our plane introduces MORPHING WINGS.
・ Our plane has MESH STRUCTURE at the body. It reduces the number of bolts.
・ GFRP——Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic——is used at the nose and junctions between the body and the wings of our plane to produce flexibility.

3. Flight Mechanics and Control…Perfect control.
・ Our plane has a PERFECT AUTO PILOT on board. It can take off and land even in
an emergency.
・ Thanks to CFRP, GFRP, and its smooth surface, it’s very easy to control our plane. Even when the auto pilot is not available, pilots can easily control it and land.

4. Propulsion…For comfortable environment.
・ Our plane uses BIO FUEL. It contributes to clean atmosphere.
・ The engines are put at the tail to reduce noise.
・ Our plane has a HIGH-BYPASS RATIO JET ENGINES for efficiency in consuming fuel.
・ Our plane has CHEVRON NOZZLES and MICRO JETS to reduce noise. It uses micro jets only when it takes off and lands, so it doesn’t decrease thrust in flying.

We crystallized all our knowledge we got in the workshop into this innovative shape of our plane. It is the best conclusion we reached.