Student Report 5 [Urawa daiichi girls' high school] March 27, 2014


 I took part in Boeing Higher Education Program for the first time. I was able to soak up so many things for 10hours.
 First, we took the lecture about rivers in the morning. It was interactive and gave me presence, and covered a lot of ground: geography, history, physics and biology. We had a great time that we connect what we had learned in school with each other. lt was interesting to integrate knowledge with the practical society, improving it to higher-grade.
 In the discussion about Yamba Dam construction, we spent a great time noticing the viewpoint. I overlooked before by polite guidance from Assoc, Prof. CHIBANA and college students. I understood that there are more answers to solve the problems.
 What impressed me was the introduction of the AWCI and the AFWCCI. According to the latest products on MDGs, A study of 25 sub-Saharan African countries indicates that, in 71 percent of households that did not have water on premises, women and girls bore the burden of collecting water. I really expect international community to make use of the vast observation data of projects mentioned above for international cooperation.
 When we went to Ara River in order to visit the lower reaches of it, we found so many things, thanks to visiting Office of MLIT, guide by college students and so on. I realized the history of the overflow and river management by local people.
 I got the most satisfaction and pleasure out of feeling a sense that subjects we now learn in the high school links to the real world from various directions. I'm profoundly grateful to everyone for providing such a precious opportunity. I would like not only to satisfy this experience, but also make use of it in the future.

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