Student Report 1 [Urawa High School] March 27, 2014


 What do you think about Dam construction? Do you agree or disagree? Tell me your opinion.
 This was the subject we got at this program. Dam construction is a great problem that has been becoming more and more serious. Nowadays those living where Dam is planned to constructed is opposed to Dam construction, so Dam construction has not been accomplished yet. I didn't know much about Dam construction, but through this program I considered so much about this problem.
First we took lessons about "Geography for River" and "Physics and Ecology for River" for two hours. The former one was to learn faults around rivers all over Japan. I was surprised to learn faults have much to do with rivers. The latter one was to learn living things in rivers. Also we learned shapes of stones in the river by considering the power of friction. It was sometimes beyond my description because it came to physics of the university. But the teacher's lessons were so intelligible and interesting that I could have a good time.
 Second we saw some experiments to study the conditions of curves of the river which was carried out by graduate students. There were many things I had never seen such as prediction by calculation with a computer. Now I had also been carrying out some experiments of physics in Urawa high school, but this one was much more complex and difficult.
 Third we discussed the idea about Dam construction that I had researched beforehand with other students. The opinion of our group was for Dam construction. The reason was to overcome a problem of shortage of water, and to prepare for typhoons which are predicted to come in the future. To be sure, there are some contrary opinions such as we need a lot of money or it has a bad influences to inhabitants and the environment, the predicted typhoons is supposed to do a great damage to a metropolitan area. Not to recur to a tragedy such as the Great East Japan Earthquake, we thought to construct Dam just in case.
 At last we searched around the Ara Kawa River. There we saw a lot of structure which is concerned with the Ara Kawa River, for example a well in a park and houses whose floors were a little higher than the height of ground in order to be safe when the flood would occurred.
 Through this program I got a lot of knowledge of physics and geography of rivers, and with which I learned to consider about Dam construction. The problem of Dam construction is just one of those which is being occurred all over the world. I think I will face much more problems in the future, so by making use of what I experienced at this program, I want to be able to contribute to the world a little.

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