Future Aircraft_team 5&6_Urawa High schoolSeptember 27, 2013


I was able to enable that it increased buoyancy because a body part of the middle with a little buoyancy disappeared by having had a flying wing.
In addition, I can reduce the former air resistance of the wing by making the form of the wing one called the spiroid wing tip.

The body is only made from CFRP,because CFRP is light and strong.
Ofcourse there is a portion of an airplane which CFRP is not appropriate now.
But this type of problem has already been solved,because this is the future.
Lattice structure is used for the body of plane.
We can lower cost by use of lattice structure.

This engine has a microjet system. Therefore we can reduce noise from the engine.

In the future,ordinary people will be able to control a plane like a car.So, we designed this cockpit so everyone can control. First,we reduced gages and switches. Second, we equipped the cockpit AI that continues to learn.Third,we emphasized a eye-pleasing desingn.