Student Report 2 [Urawa High School] July 23, 2014


 I had two reasons for joining the 3rd Boeing Program: to experience making Udon and to communicate with others about it in English. I achieved these things in an attractive way through this joint program.
 My grandfather has been making Udon by himself for two decades. I have been eating his Udon since I was a little child and I sometimes help him step on Udon (stepping on Udon is one of the necessary steps of making it). I decided to join this program because I’m very fond of Udon and I had never made Udon by myself. When I was cooking Udon for the first time during this program, it went smoothly because I remembered how my grandfather made it. At last the Udon which our group made were in different sizes. But we managed to make delicious Udon and I compared ours with my grandfather's, which I had brought for our group that day. I really enjoyed this cooking session.
 The second reason why I joined this program was that I wanted to communicate with others in English. This program gave us the mission to explain Udon in English to those who cannot speak Japanese. In fact, this was the best opportunity to train my communication skills in English. We had the task to make a presentation in English about certain kinds of Udon. We made a large poster for the presentation and practiced making a good speech. The lecture on how to deliver an effective presentation, which was given by Associate Professor Kumiko Morimura in the preliminary session, helped us a lot. As a result of our hard work, our team did a nice presentation and got the 1st prize in the competition. I was so glad!
 At first, I had a strange impression; why was this called “BOEING” program? Finally, however, this program made me realize that it is essential for us to have various, unusual experiences when we are young. Thank you for planning and holding this great program.

3737 Kodai Yasuda

安田 耕大