Student Report 1 [Urawa High School] July 23, 2014


 I think Boeing Higher Education Program was a very successful program for Urawa High school and Urawa Ichijo High school to do together from my experience. I joined this program because of 3 reasons: finding new people, Udon’s information, and a connection between Urako and Ichijo.
 First, I wanted to find new people who are interested in English. I have just gotten back from America and I wanted to keep my English skill that I gained while I was in America. So to make this happen I thought I needed friends who were interested in English and this connection can lead to an improvement for both of our English skills. I didn’t know many people from other classes so I thought this program was a great opportunity. When I went to Ichijo, there were many people from Urako that I didn’t know and I was both excited and surprised to see many people with the same interest. I made sure to talk with them and I became good friends with a couple of them.
 Second, I wanted to know a lot of things about Udon from this program. I wasn’t in Japan for 5 years and this caused me not to be able to touch with a Japanese culture. So when I heard we had to make a presentation about a certain Udon, I felt very happy inside my heart. I was surprised to hear many kinds of Udon that exists. I learned a lot of new things like when Udon was imported to Japan, or how to make Udon. I also gained more information when everyone was presenting what they had researched on. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about Udon!! I also learned how to make Udon and it was a lot of fun making them with everyone. The Udon which we made was filled with the effort that we put in and it was delicious.
 Lastly, I wanted to have a connection with Ichijo students. In our class, we had a group between 1-5 and their 1-5, but the group has been deleted and we didn’t have a connection between each other. We will work on something together with Ichijo in the near future, so I thought I needed a connection between us. So I talked with the girls that were in my Udon making group and I got the connection between one of them.
In conclusion, this program was a big step for me in a lot of ways. This experience will be a good use in the future and things that I learned from this can lead my high school life in a better way. I hope to join this program again next year. Thank you for holding this program between Urako and Ichijo.

1528 Yuto Haba

幅 裕斗