High School/University Joint Program supported by the Boeing Company in 2015 summer Report 5August 20, 2015


 On August 20, we participated in the Boeing Higher Education program hosted by University of Tokyo.
 We learned about aeronautical engineering and international situation of aircraft through this program.
In the morning, we got a chance to talk with a Japanese engineer living in United States.
 We asked a lot of questions about his work on aircraft and the difference between Japan and other countries. Nowadays, Boeing and Airbus have enormous share in the aircraft industry, and they are familiar with the aircraft technology. So it would be fruitful for engineers to study in the U.S he said. I want to study in the foreign university near future. So his words are very exciting for me.
After that, we visited two laboratories. Aeronautical engineering has four field. Material, Engine, Wing, and Control. I learned about Material and Engine.
 First, I visited “Aoki-Yokozeki” Laboratory. They research about the material. We saw frame of air plane and experiments of CFRP(Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic). Today, airplanes use a lot of combined materials such as CFRP, which is light and strong. It is very interesting for me to research about it.
 Next, I visited “Watanabe-Himeno” Laboratory about Engine. Then, I watched two shocking experiment.
One is about the speed of sound. We got a chance to listen to the sound of air when the air blows at almost the same speed as sound. When I heard that loud sound, I felt strong excited.
Another is about engine. I saw the inside of a real engine for the first time. I learned how to turn turbines. This was the best experience in this program.
 Last, we thought about what a new aircraft and made a presentation about it.
 Talking with a lot of students and preparing for the presentation was very interesting.Everything in this program is very interesting and useful for me. I want to have a success in the future by using what I learned.

Ryo Nemoto, Kawagoe High School