High School/University Joint Program supported by the Boeing Company in 2015 summer Report 1 August 20, 2015


 On August 20, I participated in the Boeing Higher Education Program. I touched the new technology, and also deepened my understanding of engineering.
In the morning, we had a conversation with a Japanese engineer who works in America. We were able to know the real situation of the aeronautics industry. We also visited study rooms. I operated the flight simulator which was based on the hydrodynamics. It was a valuable experience for me.
 In the afternoon, we designed the future airplane. Because we learned expertise in advance, we could consider many points. The group was formed by jigsaw method, so I was able to participate with a sense of responsibility. All of the group members expressed their opinion without hesitation, and that enabled us to do a heated debate. Moreover, graduate student's support helped us to discuss the expertise. It was difficult to consider control and engine, but it was my first time to have a realistic discussion to realize an ideal. I thought that actual engineering is the same with this.
 This program was worthwhile for me in many meanings. I would like to express my gratitude to those who prepared this interesting program.

Yuka Kurosaki, Kawagoe Girls' High School

川越女子高等学校2年 黒﨑由佳