Seminar3 [International Projects]March 27, 2014


 For the international projects part, we started the session by introducing our laboratory in terms of the work we do in relation to water. The water cycle and hydrology was also introduced as well as the basic steps of the scientific method in relation to how we conduct international projects.
 We proceeded by first having a short video on the AWCI and the AFWCCI then with the introduction of some of the completed/ongoing projects and studies in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan and Nepal. We also discussed some of the challenges we have encountered in conducting international projects as well as some of the fun things we have experienced during the work.
 We concluded our talk with an exchange of ideas regarding 2 prepared questions on 1. which part of the steps in conducting international projects they find most important and 2. how they can contribute in solving the world's problems. All in all, the talk was quite refreshing and enjoyable. We are very eager to share our experiences with the young generation in hopes of encouraging them to not only explore conducting international projects but to think in a more global scale when tackling relevant problems and issues in the world!  

(Assist Prof. Patricia Ann Jaranilla-Sanchez)

(特任助教 Patricia Ann Jaranilla-Sanchez)