Boeing Summer Seminar 2018October 01, 2018 Sendai


Boeing Externship Program 2018 Contest on the theme of "New Technologies and Business Proposals for Boeing" was held at Tohoku University on Friday, September 21, 2018. The team of university of Tokyo won the championship.

The Boeing Company has been providing Boeing Externship Program to Japanese universities including the lecture at the forefront of aircraft industry since 2012. Currently, the 7 universities (the University of Tokyo, Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Nagoya University, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Kyushu University) are participating in this program and contest.
At the University of Tokyo, “Project Based Learning of the international aviation system” ( in charge: Shinji Suzuki Professor, Hiroko Nakamura associate Professor) is held under the subject of “Creative Monozukuri Project" at the Faculty of Engineering and “Creativity Engineering Project” at the for Graduate School of Engineering.
The regular lecture was held at the office of the Boeing Company jointly with the other 5 universities via communication in English.

The Employee of Boeing Company in America or in Japan lectured not only the technology of aircraft but also "the history of Boeing and the philosophy of Boeing company", "Brand strategy of the company", "Future of the aircraft industry", and "Efforts for the environment problem". It was wonderful lectures that we can catch aircraft industry diversely. After the lectures in the summer semester, the members of the participating universities prepared for business contest that proposes new aeronautical business freely with sharp observation eyes.

Many creative and inventive solutions were proposed in this contest.
Hokkaido University presented "Proposal of development of new software by using RISC-V", Tohoku University did "Proposal of air taxi which examined profitability", Nagoya University did "Proposal of new air travel with windowless airplane equipped with a thin display to provide entertainment", Kanazawa Institute of Technology did “Proposal of electric landing gear to reduce CO2 , and Kyushu University did “Proposal a creative ingenuity solution "optimizing passenger guidance to reduce the boarding time.

UTokyo Team researched eVTOL. The team was divided into two teams because of the number of members. We focused on so called “flying cars” which gets into a hot topic in the world recently. We made a proposal on "Social Implementation of eVTOL in Japan". We questioned the eVTOL industry in Japan which is late for the world as the public and private council about flying cars in japan was held recently. We also investigated the demand on eVTOL in Japan where public transportation has developed. We proposed a business model for eVTOL that can be implemented within five years in Japan, and a business model in the future for focusing on the lack of local transportation in Japan. Until the proposal, We repeated discussions in the team in order to consider many factors such as law, aircraft design, technology, business, and world trends.

As a result, UTokyo Team got the evaluation from the president of Boeing Japan that we considered feasibility of the proposal in detail, and the proposal of the University of Tokyo was chosen to win the championship.

Written by Daisuke Fujiwara (3rd Grade)
2018年9月21日(金)に、東北大学にて『ボーイングへの新たな技術及びビジネス提案』をテーマとしたBoeing Externship Program 2018コンテストが開催され、東大チーム(機械工学専攻博士2年:中井佑、航空宇宙工学専攻修士1年:松崎洸季、池田有空、山名創、藤田拳斗、Franco M. Staub、4年:眞木俊弥、3年:大宅匠、佐野翔子、都市工学科3年:冨士原大介)が見事優勝いたしました。

The Boeing Company は、2012年より航空機産業の最前線のレクチャーを含むBoeing Externship Programを日本の大学に提供しており、現在東京大学、北海道大学、東北大学、東京工業大学、名古屋大学、金沢工業大学、九州大学の7大学がこのプログラムとコンテストに参加しています。 東京大学では、工学部・工学系研究科の共通科目「創造的ものづくりプロジェクト」、「創造性工学プロジェクト」の下で「航空システム国際PBL(Project Based Learning、 問題解決型授業)」(担当:鈴木真二教授、中村裕子特任准教授)として本プログラムに参加することができ、通常の講義は、ボーイングジャパンの本社にて通信を介し、他5大学と共催で行われます。アメリカの現役スタッフとは英語でのディスカッションも行われ、技術としての航空機だけではなく、『ボーイングの歴史と企業理念』『ブランド戦略』『航空機産業の未来』『環境のための取り組み』というように、多角的に航空機産業を捉えることのできる講義です。


その結果、提案の具体性と実現性を詳細まで考慮に入れたことをBoeing Japan社長から評価を頂き、東大チーム案が、見事優勝に選ばれました。

冨士原大介(都市工学 3年)