2017 US Aviation Tour:Day5September 29, 2017


*Visiting Japan Business Association of Seattle*
The fifth day was finally the US aviation tour. One of the factors associated with the development of the aviation industry in Seattle is the abundance of forest resources. On the way back to Seattle from Moses Lake, we visited Snoqualmie and felt that the climate was suitable for timber production. Initially, the material of the aircraft was wood. As a result, Seattle was selected as the base for Boeing's aircraft production, leading to the bustle of the current aviation industry. The climate of Washington State is mild all year round due to the influence of the Alaska Current which is a warm current, and precipitation is stable except in summer. Therefore, it is suitable for growing forests, which lead to huge forest parks spreading in Washington State. In addition, steam locomotives were produced in the past as well as aircrafts. Thus, Washington State is the city where the vehicle production has been active for a long time.
We visited Railroad Community Park. Here we could experience the history of the former steam locomotive production. There was Snoqualmie Central Log, which was a specimen of a big tree over 200 years old. And from the car, we were able to see the steam locomotives that had been used once. Then we visited Snoqualmie Falls. It was a scene of a rich amount of water which was dispensable for the growth of the forest. We were healed by the sound of the waterfalls and magnificent scenery. In Seattle, the nature is close to the city and people can refresh easily also has a positive influence.
Going to Seattle, a social gathering was held with the Japanese workers in Seattle. Not only aircraft makers and heavy industries companies, but also companies that handled interior decorations and the Consulate General of Japan got together and we could interact with people supporting the aircraft industry from various fields. We heard various questions and many opinions from every position. We could come in touch with something that we could not know easily about the aviation industry. Furthermore, new exchanges were born, and this was an invaluable opportunity for us students.
After completing all of the tour, we were fascinated by the enthusiasm people had working in the aircraft industry and the magnificence of the aircraft industry in America. Making use of the valuable experiences we gained, we would like to contribute to the development of the aircraft industry in Japan.