Visit Nippon Cargo Airline (2014)September 11, 2014


 We Tokyo-U students visited Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA), with headquarter in Narita International Airport, as an activity of“Aviation System International Project Based Learning, which is held by the University of Tokyo and Boeing Japan corp. Our team had the question how we can carry Japanese regional products to all over the world more and more, and we focused on the potential possibility of aviation cargo business.

 NCA is an only all-cargo airline in Japan with 8 B747-400Fs, in Japan, which deals with freight globally, with 8 B747-400Fs and 5 B747-8Fs(the latest model). NCA operates these planes as scheduled flight and charter one all over the world.

 NCA, which is specializing in freighters, provided us with, provided us with know-how accumulated over time and information of its facilities in detail. NCA also gave us feasible idea about its challenge, for example, decrease of quantity of products which were Japanese forte before like electro devices, due to propagation of “smart phone” which plays a lot of roles alone.

 Visiting maintenance facility of B747 and warehouses in cargo area allowed us to realize how operation of international shipment is and we could get better understanding of the aviation cargo field.

 We really appreciate to NCA for your kindness. Thanks a lot.

Morihira Koichi




航空宇宙工学系研究科修士1年 森平光一