Visit JAMCO Aircraft Interiors Company (2013)August 02, 2013


 Participating to the idea contest of the Boeing seminar, we have a series of discussion about new business models and aircraft technologies for the future aviation in 10 or 20 years. We are interested especially in thinking of aircrafts for low cost carriers (LCC). LCC makes a profit by thorough cost saving and high-efficient operation. So we focused our discussion on cost saving from aircraft interiors and from further short turn-around time.

 As for the latter, we came to an idea to widen passages by rearranging seats during the boarding. Then we needed to investigate whether this idea is feasible. The regulations of aircraft interiors including seats are very strict. To understand aircraft interiors deeply, we asked JAMCO Corporation, top share company of aircraft interiors, for interviews. We are sincerely grateful to JAMCO Corporation for their cooperation.

 At JAMCO Aircraft Interiors Company in Tachikawa City of Tokyo,
we visited the factory of aircraft interiors and saw new models of galleys and
seat consoles. Interiors were so sophisticated and differed depending on airline or aircraft.
 After visiting the factory, we discussed aircraft interiors and our ideas with JAMCO Company’s people. Unfortunately, our idea to widen passages seems difficult to implement in balance between strength and usability of seats. They also told us that enhancing the value added of interiors is more important than cutting the price by using low cost materials. They also told us that JAMCO Company has the advantage in making high value added products. Thanks to this opportunity, we understand the problems of our idea and aircraft interiors more deeply than before.
We again sincerely appreciate JAMCO Company.

工学系研究科航空宇宙工学専攻 修士1年
宮垣 誠也(Seiya Miyagaki)