2017 US Aviation Tour:OverviewSeptember 30, 2017 Seattle


During the 5 days from September 25 to 29 of 2017, the American aviation tour was held with 17 students. The purpose of this tour was to encourage students to do something challenging abroad, hosted by the University of Tokyo’s Center for Aviation Innovation Research. In this time, we visited a aircraft manufacturer, a composite manufacturer, a university, and an administrative agency. We aimed to understand the overall picture of the airline industry by visiting players in different fields of the airline industry. We would like to summarize what we thought and felt through this tour. For an overview of the first two days, we visited Consulate General of Japan in Seattle, University of Washington, Toray Composite Materials America and the Museum of Flight.
The Center for Aviation Innovation Research in Tokyo University Organized the American Aviation Tour in which students with passion for aircrafts gathered under the project of "Student's Voluntary Participation and Planning". This year, 17 students of various majors and grades gathered in the United States in the 5-day program from September 25 to 29, 2017.
There were also many students who were traveling overseas for the first time, as well as students booking their hotels and flights for the first time. In the end, we had discussions with local employees in English and gained valuable experiences which we can’t obtain in our usual university life. We would like to report the experiences we had over the 5 days.
The main schedule is as follows:
Sept. 25 p.m. : University of Washington
Sept. 26 a.m.:Toray Composite Materials America
Sept. 26 p.m.:Museum of Flight
Sept. 27 : Boeing Everett Factory
Sept. 28 : Grant County International Airport
Sept. 29:Japan Business Association of Seattle