2015 US Aviation Tour Report: Day 4, Meet ANA Engineers in SeattleSeptember 16, 2015


 We planned and carried out a study tour of various important sites for the US aerospace industry (9/13-18/2015, self-funded). This tour was intended for U-Tokyo students who wanted to learn about the aerospace industry other than from their studies, and those interested in an internship or career in the aerospace industry or abroad.

 On the 4th day of the tour, we flew to Seattle. In the evening, we had an opportunity to have dinner with engineers from ANA who are resident representatives or temporary transferred to the Boeing Company or Jamco America, Inc. in Seattle.

 During the dinner, I sat next to an engineer, who has been working at the Boeing since this April. His job at the Boeing is to manage the progress of manufacturing airplanes that will be delivered to ANA. He said, “The Boeing gives a lot of care to producing the best airplanes. I was surprised by how fast information concerning improvements in the process of making airplanes or in the airplanes themselves spread throughout the company, despite the fact that the Boeing is one of the biggest companies in the world.” This point of view could not be obtained from outside of the company. From his talk, I could see that the Boeing has always been very eager to make more and more improvements, in spite of the fact that it has been the top company in manufacturing large airplanes.

 The ANA engineers also told us what we should do while we are students. They said that we should see the world and try many things, including studying abroad. They advised us to get involved with as many people as possible and feel the diversity, to be able to meet customers’ diverse demands in the future.

 From this experience, I was provoked to think deeply about my future. I realized the need to interact with more people from various backgrounds and broaden my world.

 We really had a great time and would like to express our appreciation to all of you who came to the dinner for giving us such a wonderful opportunity.






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