Visit Japan Airlines Maintenance Center (2014)July 09, 2014


 To deepen the understanding of the aviation industry by knowing the field of Japan airline, we visited the Japan Airlines (JAL) maintenance center on 9th July 2014.
 First of all, the person of the JAL Engineering gave us a summary of the maintenance center and description of the aircraft used in the JAL. We were surprised that the seat configuration changes in the domestic and international models, even though they use same type airplane.
 After that, we learned the detail of maintenance in the JAL maintenance center. Because the hangars are located next to the runway at the Haneda Airport, we heard of the engine sound of aircraft taking off and landing. We were able to feel very close to the aircraft and it was a fantastic experience.
 In addition, in the sky museum on the JAL maintenance center, there is an exhibition of business and first class seat, successive JAL’s flight attendants’ uniform etc.
 In that three hours, we obtained a lot of information about aircraft that a person who are involved in the aircraft only knows. We feel that our interest in the aviation industry and the enthusiasm for the lecture increased by looking directly at the aircraft in our own eyes.
 We again greatly appreciate the JAL Engineering.

システム創成学専攻修士2年 久保雅俊(Masatoshi Kubo)