2015 US Aviation Tour Report: Day 5, Visit Boeing EverettSeptember 17, 2015


 We planned and carried out a study tour of various important sites for the US aerospace industry. This tour was intended for U-Tokyo students who wanted to learn about the aerospace industry other than from their studies, and those interested in an internship or career in the aerospace industry or abroad.
 On day 5, we had a chance to observe Boeing Dreamliner (Boeing 787) Gallery and Everett Factory.
 First, we visited Boeing Dreamliner Gallery. It is a facility for 787 buyers to consider the interior furnishings. At that place, we got Boeing staff to introduce design concept of 787 that attaches importance to comfortability by showing us the real things. We had known its improvement of comfortability by using carbon fiber reinforced plastic, but in addition to that, they are particular about points that passengers do not notice. For example, the illumination and windows of its cabin are installed based on biotechnology to make passengers feel comfortable. I felt the pride of a professional, and learned what I should pay attention to when I take a position to make airplanes from this experience.
 Next, we went to Everett Factory, in which 747, 767, 777, and 787 are constructed. At this place, we observed manufacturing process and were introduced about airplane production. Especially I was happy when I was introduced the parts that were made in Japan because I felt that Japan took an important role in manufacturing of Boeing’s passenger planes.
 These experiences motivated me to study aviation industry more. We appreciate Boeing to make such experiences. Thank you.


工学系研究科航空宇宙工学専攻 修士課程2年 小西 慎吾 (Shingo Konishi)