2017 US Aviation Tour:Day 1September 25, 2017


*Visit the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle *
On the first day, we visited the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle. We were able to hear stories about Seattle, the relationship between Seattle and Japan, consular office work and so on. Seattle is the headquarter of several companies that have rotations to Japan, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks. (Although it was surprising that Boeing's headquarters is not Seattle). Also, because of the influence of the major league, Seattle is well known in Japan. The most surprising story told by the consulate is that the number of Japanese schools is the second most in the nation after California. This is also why Seattle is a familiar comfortable for Japanese people.
After learning some facts about Seattle at the consulate, we headed to the University of Washington. We got off the Link (Seattle’s tram) and got out of the station. Then we saw the home stadium of the University of Washington called Husky stadium. We were surprised to know that the scale of the stadium is the same size as the Nissan stadium in Japan. And the tennis court next door was well equipped for university facilities. It was a quiet and calm atmosphere. Our university is in Tokyo, so there are a lot of students in my campus, but at the University of Washington it seemed that students were living a life of freedom.
Here, three researchers from the University of Washington and three of us made presentations. Three researchers gave presentations on their respective specialized areas, which were talks about fields that we had no experience about touched at all, so we found them very interesting. In addition, we think that the students who made the presentation were able to have a very valuable experience of making an English presentation at the American university.
There are several students who want to study overseas in the future after our visit to the University of Washington. We would like to thank you for letting us have a very exciting experience.