Visit Yamanouchi Seisakusho Co. Ltd. (2016)March 06, 2016 Nigata


In March 2016, we visited factories of Yamanouchi Seisakusyo Co.,Ltd. located in Niigata, and discussed about their business operations. We regularly hold a study meeting about regional cluster of aviation, and this study tour is one of our extracurricular activities.
Maki factory was surprising. The main characteristic of this factory is a joint factory of different companies where they integrate production processes that each company is specialized at, such as mechanical processing, surface treatment, and non-destructive inspection. The production capacity dramatically improved by a 24-hour production system with the newest automated equipment. To be an upper tier supplier, they got Nadcap, the company level accreditation aimed at quality assurance. They are trying to get more Nadcap for different processes, which require large investment and long-term preparation.
We also heard of "NIIGATA SKY PROJECT", the collaboration between industry, government and academia, there. They are now developing small jet engines for UAV with this support.
Through this study tour, we learned the importance of integrated production system by different suppliers and quality assurance by Nadcap. We also realized that the leadership of the government is essential to help small and medium-sized enterprise to be an upper tier supplier.
We’ll study harder with this experience. Thank you very much for accepting our visit!

Astronautics and Aeronautics Department, M1 Ryo Murata (with corporation of Tomoya Nakamura)

 また山之内製作所様は、新潟市を中心とした産学官連携による航空機関連産業支援の取組み「NIIGATA SKY PROJECT」にも参加されており、無人飛行機(UVA)用小型ジェットエンジンの研究開発の様子も見学させていただきました。


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