Second Kofu Higashi High School ProgramMarch 11, 2014


The second visit to Yamanashi Prefectural Kofu Higashi High School startet 6:45 a.m. at the main gate of Hongo Campus on a vey chilly morning. 13 international students, two Japanese student and a School ofEngineering staff got in the bus chartered by Boeing Co. Ltd. Compared last year, almost three times as many international students participated in this program upon the request of the high school side.

We were greeted by Mr. Masaki Nagata, school principal, and many academic staff. Through the sessions, both the international students and high school students enjoyed academic and cultural exchange in a friendly atmosphere. We left high school, expecting their visit to Hongo Campus, UTokyo next time.
The detailed schedule is as follows:

Date : March 11, Tuesday, 2014
Departing campus: 07:00 Returning :19:00 (round trip by chartered bus)
Destination: Yamanashi Prefectural Kofu Higashi High School
Students' nationalities:China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines, Pakistan,Malysia,

Activities at high school;
1) Discussion and exchange ideas based on students' slides/posters in each session
Session 1 10:50-11:45 Lunch time 12:50-13:50
Session 2 11:55-12:50 Session 3 13:50-14:45
2) Each team consist of one international student and high school students
3) English is used in the sessions.
4) International students have lunch with high school students in the classrooms and experience classroom cleaning with them.

International students assingment
1) 4 PPT slides (at least) about their countrie and/or cities
2) 4 PPT slides (at least) about their research/academic life on campus
3) Report on their program in English, mother language and if possible, in Japanese

Please enjoy reports by the international participants.
Yoshiko Yamazaki
Institue for International Innovation in Engineering Education

出発     :2014年3月11日(火)7:00(本郷キャンパス)
授業     :午前(10:50-11:45, 11:55-12:50) 午後(13:50-14:45)
帰着     :19:00(本郷キャンパス)



東京大学工学部・工学系研究科 国際工学教育推進機構