2014 Visiting Kofu Higashi High School Report 12March 11, 2014


 On March 11, after we came back from Kofu Higashi High School, actually speaking, I felt very tired because of the long trip. I think not only me but also the manager sennsei (yoshiko sennsei) and the other students must be also tired. But I think it is really worth.

 Firstly, I think the high school students do need us!

 When I came to the classroom and met the high school students, I could feel the spring atmosphere strongly. Looking at their eyes, I could understand their desire to the future university life. Looking back my high school time, I was also so eager to have a senior sister or brother who can lead me or answer what I want to know. I am glad to be a useful senior for them now so I tried my best to enjoy my experience with them. I am not sure whether I can do give them any deep effect or not, but at least we enjoyed so much together. They are so kind and warm-hearted to me.

 Secondly, it is my gratitude to the people who helped and are helping me so much in my life.

 When I was in my undergraduate, master in China, the senior and professors helped me so much so much. And now in japan, my professor is so kind and supervises me a lot so that I can have these big progresses in my research now. And the Japanese volunteers teach me Japanese once a week even they have the other work have to do. And my Japanese “face” introduced by Foreigner center who is an elegant lady. We have lunch together once a week and enjoy our shared diary. On some festivals, she often gives me presents.

 Because these people give me so much “gifts”, I have made up my mind to give the gifts back to the young generation like baton.

 So let us go on enjoying this kind of program more! Thanks to the office who give us this chance!

Department of Civil Engineering(工学系研究科社会基盤学専攻)
Zhu xizoxu(朱暁旭)