2014 Visiting Kofu Higashi High School Report 4March 11, 2014


 I and other international students of University of Tokyo visited Kofu Higashi High School on 11th, March. For each 45 minutes, I communicated with over 10 Japanese high school students. Firstly, I introduced my hometown and the major I am studying in. And then, each student presented 1 special item of Japan. After all, I had them introduced about their hometown Yamanashi and did some free talk.

 This event was very special to me because this was the first time for me to visit a high school in Japan and to talk with high school students of Japan. When I delivered my presentation, they all listened to me with full attention and asked me many questions. And during their presentation time, they told me many things special in Japan, such as, Sumou, Hatsumoude, Origami, Fujisan, etc. Even though this year is already the 4th year since I came to Japan, there were still many contents that I did not know before. One boy presented Bonsai, which is a traditional Japanese art that boy loves. One girl presented Origami, and even brought many pieces of her work to the class. Another girl drew really fascinating manga in order to introduce me about Bentou. I was fascinated by their passion of the things they love and their special points of view as high school students.

 During the event, I found some special points of Japanese students, which are either positive or negative. Firstly, most of them do not like science very much. Each time I asked whether they love science or not, they said no. It is assumable that during their science lessons, they are force to remember those principles and equations, without being told where those principles to be use, which might let their motivations down. Secondly, they are afraid of outstanding from other students. When I asked questions, even some of them seemed to know the answers, they were not willing to raise their hands. Lastly, which is the reverse to the second point, they are very good at team work. When they were asked to move the desks and chairs, or to clean the classrooms, they always moved organized and cooperated, which is something that Chinese students cannot do.

 I would like to thank Kofu Higashi High school and Boeing and University of Tokyo to provide us this chance to have communications with high school students. We learned a lot during this event. And we hope that the high school students also learned something from us.
Department of Chemical System Engineering(工学部化学システム学科)
Menghe XU(徐 夢荷)