2014 Visiting Kofu Higashi High School Report 5March 11, 2014


 We went to Yamanashi prefectural Kofu Higashi high school to do one-day communication activity on March 11th, 2014. The main content of the activity is to introduce culture and feature of my own country to students in that school, something about my university, study process and major, and in the same time to get information about Japanese traditional activities, festivals, characteristics and things about high school students themselves. The language used in this communication activity is English, in this way, the ability to use English to communicate and speak will be upgraded, and also it is one part of high school’s international communication.

 We got a warm welcome by high school teachers after we arrived there, teachers gave us notebooks which are designed by high school students, some bookmark and advertisement about school and Yamanashi. We also enjoyed delicious Yamanashi rice cakes and some soft drink. Then we listened to the teacher to understand main content and arrangement of this day activity and made sure of the thing we should do. When I first arrived at the classroom, I feel a little nervous and had no idea what to say and communicate with the students, but with the time went on, I found out the students listen to me carefully and eagerly, and they also prepared their own presentation carefully. Some one drew beautiful comics, some one made paper bird, some one did performance about Kyudo to make me understand it better. The things the presented varied from Japanese traditional Kimoto, Hinamatsuri to Kotatsu and Dogeza, some of them I had known before, but I found out some thing new and very interesting, which I did not know before from their presentation. They also told me things about Yamanashi, some delicious food, beautiful view of Fuji Mountain, I also like Yamanashi, Fuji Mountain and Yamanaka Lake very much before, and I can see they love their hometown so much from their expressions and words when they showed in their presentations. Every student has his or her own characteristic, most of the students are willing to communicate with me, and they just try their best to show me their thinking. Some students even help me to find the next classroom I should go to for I am not very familiar with layout of the school. They answered me questions and shared me their thinking and views of their own. Also there exist some students who are introverted, but this may not be his or her characteristic but not very good at using English, they speak little but when I saw the paper they prepared for this communication activity, I found out they were earnest and tried their best. Students so young as grade 1 and 2 high school students, who are willing to communicate with foreign students by using English is something happy, they tried their best to do it and the content is interesting and helpful, I find out I learn so much from this activity.

 Also I got the chance to have lunchtime together with the students and to clean the classroom with them, this was a good chance to experience Japanese high school students’ daily life and this turned out to be impressive. They all took lunch made by their mothers to school, and ate it when talking about something they were interested in. In the time of cleaning classroom, they helped me to take part in the clean process and told me how to use tools and the process of clean. The time in high school that day ran so fast, at 3 they finished their day’s lesson and began their club activity, this was also the time we left there. In summary, I think although I introduced them something about my country, my university and major in English to help them learning and practicing, I learn more from them, not only the traditional Japanese cultural and matters, but also attitude and pattern of communication, living and study, this makes me call back my life when I was in high school.

 I think this activity is meaningful, and high school teachers’ thinking to give students more chances to practice and use English to do international communication is also right and helpful. Every student has his or her own feature, there is no need to make introverted one to be extroverted, and there is also no need to keep the extrovert be quite when he wants to say something, everyone just keep as himself or herself and does things eagerly and earnestly, they will be successful one day in the future. High school time is always some time I think the best time of my life until now, in that time, I had no big dream or some clear target, but to do things, simple but earnest, by my own way, maybe the meaning of doing as this will be known ten or even longer years later. By this activity, I give them a chance to practice English, but they also give me a chance to know high school life in Japan, know things they are interested in and their condition of daily life and attitude of living, also I know something about Japan, about Yamanashi, it is interesting and some beautiful and meaningful things, papers they gave to me, which I will keep carefully and forever as with the day’s memory.




Department of Architecture(工学系研究科建築学専攻)
LI Jinqi(李 普琦)