2014 Visiting Kofu Higashi High School Report 11March 11, 2014


Hi, there! It is Ted and here I am very glad to share my impression about Kofu Higashi High School Program with you.

On one of the most memorable days in Japan’s modern history, 311, we, international students of the University of Tokyo (Todai), visited Kofu Higashi High School. What greeted us were the breathtaking Fujisan and fabulous Kofu Higashi High School’s staff and students. This year, 2014, each student from Todai delivered three presentations to three different groups of high school students. During each presentation, international students introduced their countries first, then high school students responded with either questions about the foreign countries or introduction of Japanese culture. The idea of the program is to encourage the high school students to speak English while establishing mutual understanding of each other’s country.

Generally speaking, I had a great time during the discussion with high school students. These are a bunch of wonderful youngsters who are capable of communicating in English. From them, I saw myself at their age who was also keen to acquire English skills. If I ever had a chance to talk to them again, I would like to quote Steve Jobs: Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Overall, I personally feel honored to participate this program and also appreciate Kofu Higashi High School’s staff’s incredible hospitality. Thank you very much, Kofu Higashi High School and prayers fly to those who lost love ones in 311.
我相當享受與高中生聊天的過程。他們是一群很棒的年輕人。他們也確實能用英文與我溝通。看著他們,我似乎看到了高中的自己。那個當時也是渴望學習英文的自己。如果我還有機會再次與他們說話的話,我會像他們說賈伯斯曾說過的話:「Stay hungry. Stay foolish.」

Department of Materials Engineering(工学系研究科マテリアル工学専攻)
Ted Chang (張哲綜)