2014 Visiting Kofu Higashi High School Report 9March 11, 2014


 This is Xiaozhou Jia, a first year master course student of Electrical Engineering department of the University of Tokyo. I was very lucky to be admitted to join in the Kofu Higashi High School visit on Mar. 11th. It was really a great experience and I benefited a lot from this visit.

 When I attended the orientation for this visit, I learned our goal was to communicate with high school students in English, try to learn from each other. Kept that in mind, I prepared some slides about my hometown and school life. After arrived the high school, the first impression was the students all appeared to be shy, which was totally different from what I used to believe. From Japanese TV series and programs, my impression for high school students was they are genki, they love laughing and talking, which are all symbols of being young. Later on I started to talking with them, I found them very enthusiastic and serious about this event. Some of them prepared really nice presentations, from which I learned a lot about Japanese culture and society. On the other hand, it was a little bit hard for them talking with us in English without any difficulty. I encouraged them to try their best. And I told them what they need is just speaking out without worrying, some students do made their moves. I wish they could be brave in the future as well, not only on speaking English, but also on other aspects.

 I remembered one student who showed me some information about Japanese bushido and Takeda Shingen, which was one of the famous bushi in Japanese history. Since I’m reading Tokugawa Ieyasu recently, I am impressed on his introduction on Takeda, which was some ideas from another perspective. We talked a little bit about this famous figure in history and I was far more than happy to find someone who shares the same interest with me.

 Meanwhile, I think this program could be improved by making the group smaller. We foreigner students had to be responsible for a group consisting about 10 students. As a result, we had to make some of the part very short and some students did not talk too much due to time limit.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering(工学系研究科電気電子学専攻)
Xiaozhou Jia(賈 曉洲)